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General Information about The Angus Society

General Information about The Angus Society

Registration System

Angus cattle are registered at birth but registration certificates are valid only after visual inspection of the animal by a Society official. If the animal passes inspection, the inspector signs the certificate. Black and Red Angus are registered in the same herd book, but in different sections.

Separate Appendix Systems are in operation for Red and Black Angus Cattle. Appendix A allows for entry of phenotypic Red or Black Angus female animals, subject to inspection by the Breed Director or a Senior Judge of the Society. The female progeny of such Appendix A animals, sired by a fully registered Angus bull, are eligible for entry in the Appendix B section, and the female progeny of Appendix B sired by a registered Angus bull, are eligible for entry in Appendix C. The Red female progeny of Appendix C females are eligible for registration in the Herd Book Proper. However, the appendix system for Black Angus differs from the Red Appendix in that the female progeny of Appendix C Black Angus females are not eligible for registration in the Herd Book Proper section, but will be registered in a separate Full-blood Herd Book. No male Angus animals are allowed in either of the Appendix Systems. Entries in all sections of the Appendix Systems are subject to the provision that animals comply with the Society's Standard of Excellence and all other registration requirements and performance and reproduction requirements as determined by Council.

Shows and sales

Shows for Angus cattle accommodate both Black and Red, but they are judged separately in identical classes. National championship shows are held every two years, and geographically well spaced regional or provincial championships in the various regions. Angus breeders participate at all major shows. The National Sale is held annually, where Red and Black Angus bulls are offered for sale. Many breeders have their own annual production sales. Dates are detailed under Forthcoming Events on this Website.


Active clubs exist in KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State, North-West Province, South and South-West Cape and Eastern Cape.

It is recommended that prospective members contact the office for advice and to put them in touch with breeders in their area. This will make it possible to visit other Angus breeders, to see their herds and to make a sound decision. Literature, including breed standards and breeders' advice, and also details of the Society's fee structure are available from the Society's office on request.

Distribution of Members and the Breed in the Various Ecological Areas

Angus cattle and breeders are dispersed widely all over South Africa. The breed is strongly represented in the Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. In the Western Cape and Eastern Free State, Black Angus is popular for its ability to thrive in extreme winters. They are equally popular in the Western Cape with its winter rainfall. In these areas the Black Angus is unsurpassed as mother cow. Due to the breed's origin in the cold Scottish Highlands it is ideally adapted to prosper in these conditions.

Before the foundation of the Namibian Stud Book in 1990, Angus breeders in Namibia were registered with the South African Angus Society and the breed fared well in cross breeding systems, especially Zebu types.

In 1993 the largest volume of semen sold by Taurus was Angus semen, used in a crossbreeding system in Potgietersrus.



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