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Angus Beef Manual

Angus Beef Manual 2017

The Angus breed is the most popular beef breed around the globe; that is a fact! Of all the outstanding characteristics that have enabled Angus cattle to become so popular surely one of the most important is the unmatched quality of Angus beef.

As a consumer of beef, if you are looking for an unforgettable beef dining experience, unrivalled in taste, marbling and tenderness you have to insist on Angus beef. Consumers have ultimately made the Angus breed world famous.

In South Africa we need to continue to promote the qualities of Angus beef. Public awareness needs to be created to stimulate demand for this outstanding product. The Angus beef manual is just one of the means by which this awareness can be stimulated and therefor the focus of the manual is directed towards the consumer.

To all members of the Angus family, insist on Angus beef at every occasion.


Download the full 2017 Angus Bulletin (PDF - 31.2 MB)

Or download sections:

Part 1: page 1 - 5 (3.11 MB)

Part 2: page 6 - 14 (4.71 MB)

Part 3: page 15 - 26 (5.19 MB)

Part 4: page 27 - 40 (5.65 MB)

Part 5: page 41 - 46 (2.70 MB)

Part 6: page 47 - 53 (8.88 MB)

Angus Bulletin

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